Content Warnings

Novels written by A.E. Cosby are dark in nature. These are content warnings that may be included in the novels. Book specific CWs will be listed on the interior.

General: Implied SA of FMC (not graphic, fades to black, not done by any MMC), mentions of human trafficking, drug use, alcoholism, addiction, murder, gore, graphic violence, dismemberment, graphic language, mass murder, violence against women (MC street fights and is a brawler, fights all manner of people regardless of gender), scenes reminiscent of 9/11, graphic torture, graphic SA (not done by or to MCs, form of torture)

Mental health: Fugue states, black outs, waking up in dubious conditions, self-harm, suicidal ideations through cutting, body shaming, self-destructive coping mechanisms, PTSD, sociopathic tendencies, trivializing mental health illness

Romance: Strong sexual content, DS dynamics, dub-con, consensual dub-con, non-con, masochism, sexualized violence, intense language, brat taming, praise kink, orgasm denial, domination/submission, anal, spanking, knife play, blood play, spitting, fisting, MMF scene, MFM scene, pre-necrophilia (vampire feeds while having sex until death)